Alphabetical listing of Colorado 4WD Roads
#  A   B  C   D  E   F  G   H  I   J  K   L  M   N  O   P  R   S  T   U  V   W   Y  Z

Number - Roads Attributes Location
21 Road Extreme Fruita
BLM8380 Easy, Trailheads Eagle
FR416 Easy Gardner
Lake Cnty 10 Easy Leadville
Wolford Mountain OHV1, BLM29500 Easy Kremmling
Wolford Mountain OHV2, BLM29516 Easy Kremmling
Top      A - Roads Attributes Location
Acme Creek Easy Red Feather Lakes
Alamosa Canyon Easy, Scenic, Historic Alamosa
Alder Easy South Fork
Alder Creek Easy, Mining, Historic Villa Grove
Alpine Plateau Easy, Scenic Lake City
Alpine Tunnel Easy, Historic, Scenic Buena Vista and Pitkin
Alta Easy, Historic Telluride
American Basin    
American City   Central City
American Flag Mountain Easy, Scenic Tincup / Almont
American Ridge    
Animas Forks Easy, Historic, Scenic Silverton
Antelope Pass Easy Kremmling
Antelope Park **CLOSED** Lyons
Apex Easy, Historic Central City
Aqueduct Easy Winter Park
Arapaho Creek South Fork Easy Kremmling/Walden
Argentine Pass Moderate, Scenic, Historic Georgetown
Arrastra Gulch Easy, Historic, Hike Silverton
Aspen Mountain Road Easy, Scenic Aspen
Aspen Ridge Easy, Scenic Buena Vista
Top      B - Roads Attributes Location
Bachelor Loop Easy, Historic, Mines Creede
Balarat Site **CLOSED** Jamestown
Bald Mountain Easy, Scenic, Historic Buena Vista
Baldwin Lake Easy, Scenic Buena Vista
Ball Gulch **CLOSED** Jamestown
Ballard Road Easy, Trailhead Rustic
Bangs Canyon Moderate Grand Junction
Barbour Fork Easy Idaho Springs
Bard Creek Easy, Historic Empire
Barking Dog **CLOSED** Jamestown
Battlement Mesa Extreme Parachute
Baxter Pass Easy Grand Junction
Bear Gulch Easy Westcliffe
Bear Town and Kite Lake Moderate, Scenic, Historic Silverton
Beaver Creek Easy Grant
Beaver Creek Easy Hot Sulphur Springs
Beaver Reservoir Easy, Trailhead Peaceful Valley
Benson's Cabin Moderate Minturn
Berry Creek Difficult Edwards
Biedell Creek Easy Del Norte
Big Meadows Easy Hot Sulphur Springs
Big Rock Creek Easy Kremmling
Bill Moore Lake Difficult, Historic Empire
Billings Canyon Difficult Grand Junction
Birdseye Gulch Easy Leadville
Black Bear Pass Moderate, Scenic, Historic Telluride
Black Ridge Road Easy, Scenic Fruita
Black Sage Pass Easy Wuanita and Pitkin
Blacktail Creek Easy Radium
Blair Mountain Easy Glenwood Springs
Blanca Peak Difficult, Historic Alamosa
Blue Lake Graded Cuchara
Blue Mesa Cutoff Easy, Scenic, Historic Gunnison
Bolam Pass Easy, Scenic, Historic Silverton / Rico
Bonis Creek Easy Jefferson
Boreas Pass Easy, Scenic, Historic Breckenridge
Boulder Cnty 126N Easy Nederland
Bow Ridge Easy Cowdrey
Boulder Mountain Moderate, Scenic Buena Vista
Breakneck Pass Easy, Scenic Fairplay
Bright Trail Easy Allenspark
Bristol Head Easy, Scenic Creede
Brown Mountain Easy, Scenic Ouray
Browns Gulch Easy, Scenic Silverton
Browns Lake Trail Easy, Scenic Buena Vista 
Browns Pass Easy, Scenic Fairplay
Brush Creek Easy, Scenic Eagle
Buck Gulch **CLOSED** Meeker Park
Buffalo Boy Mine Easy, Historic Silverton
Buffalo Gulch   Jamestown
Buffalo Pass Easy, Scenic Steamboat Springs
Buford / New Castle Road Easy, Scenic New Castle
Bull Gulch Easy Johnson Village, Salida
Bull Gulch Cutoff Easy Johnson Village, Salida
Bullion King Lake Easy, Scenic Silverton
Bunce School Road Easy Allenspark
Bunce School Cutoff Easy Allenspark
Burnett Gulch **CLOSED** Lyons
Burns Gulch Moderate, Scenic, Historic Silverton
Burnt Mountain Easy Basalt
Button Rock Loop Easy Lyons
Button Rock Reservoir **CLOSED** Lyons
Byers Park Easy, Trailhead Winterpark
Top      C - Roads Attributes Location
Calamity Ridge Easy Rangely
California Gulch Easy, Scenic, Historic Silverton
Cameron Mountain Pass Graded Salida
Camp Bird Road Graded Ouray
Canyon Creek Road Easy, Scenic, Historic Ouray
Carbinero Mine Moderate, Historic Ophir
Caribou Moderate, Historic, Scenic Nederland
Carnage Canyon Extreme Jamestown
Carnero Creek Easy, Scenic Sagauche
Carson Easy, Scenic, Historic Lake City
Cascade Creek Easy, Scenic Idaho Springs
Castle Gulch Easy, Historic, **Closed** Jamestown
Castle Gulch Ridge Moderate, **Closed** Jamestown
Castle Rock Gulch Easy Johnson Village
Cathedral Bluffs Easy, Scenic Rangely
Cement Creek Easy, Scenic Crested Butte
Champion Mine Easy Leadville
Chicken Park Easy Red Feather Lakes
Chihuahua Gulch Moderate Montezuma
Chimney Easy Saguache/Gunnison
Chimney Gulch Easy Saguache/Gunnison
Chimney Rock Easy Kremmling/Walden
China Wall Moderate Tarryall
Chinaman Gulch (Yan Sing) Difficult Buena Vista
Chlober Hill Easy Leadville
Chubb Park Easy Johnson Village, Antero Junction
Cinnamon Gulch Easy, Mines Montezuma
Cinnamon Pass Easy, Historic, Scenic Lake City and Silverton
Clear Lake Easy, Scenic, Lake Silverton
Clinetops / Hiner Springs Easy, Scenic New Castle
Clohesy Lake Moderate, Lakes Granite
Clover Creek   Villa Grove
Coal Ridge Easy Rangely
Cochetopa Pass Easy, Scenic Sargents / Saguache
Coffee Pot Road Easy, Scenic Dotsero
Como Lake Moderate Ouray
Conduit North Easy Leadville
Conduit South Easy Leadville
Coney Flats Moderate, Scenic Peaceful Valley
Cook Creek Easy Fraser
Cooper Loop Easy Leadville
Coral Creek Easy Deckers
Cordova Pass Easy, Trailhead Cuchara, Aguilar
Corkscrew Gulch Easy, Historic, Scenic Ouray
Corral Peak, aka Cabin Creek Divide Easy Parshall
Cottonwood Easy, Color State Bridge
Cottonwood Basin Easy State Bridge
Cottonwood Creek   Idaho Springs
Cottonwood Creek Moderate, Scenic Paonia
Cottonwood Pass Graded Hot Sulphur Springs / Tabernash
Cottonwood Pass Easy Gypsum / Carbondale
Cottonwood Peak, aka McCord Pass Easy State Bridge
Creedmore Lakes Easy, Lake Red Feather Lakes
Crescent / Makinaw Lakes Moderate, Lakes, Trailhead Burns
Crooked Creek Easy Fairplay
Crooked Creek Easy Fraser
Crooked Creek Pass Easy, Scenic Meredith / Eagle
Cross Creek Easy South Fork
Cross Mountain Easy, Scenic Almont
Crystal City Moderate, Historic, Scenic Marble
Crystal Lake Moderate Breckenridge
Crystal Lake Easy Creede
Crystal Mountain Moderate, Scenic Masonville
Cumberland Gulch Easy Idaho Springs
Cumberland Pass Easy, Scenic, Historic Tin Cup, Pitkin
Cunningham Gulch Easy, Scenic, Historic Silverton
Top      D - Roads Attributes Location
Dakan Mountain Easy Deckers
Dakota Hill Easy Rollinsville
Dead Horse / Long Park Moderate Meeker
Deadman Easy Jefferson
Deer Creek Easy, Historic Montezuma
Deer Creek Easy Saguache
Deer Peak Easy Westcliffe / Rye
Del Norte Peak Easy South Fork
Delonde Easy Nederland
Democrat Mountain Moderate, Historic, Scenic Georgetown
Denarious Mine Moderate, Scenic Georgetown
Denver Pass **CLOSED** Silverton
Depler Park Easy Pitkin
Devils Canyon Easy Idaho Springs
Devils Hole Easy Gardner
Difficult Pass Easy Aspen
Dinosaur Quarry Easy, Scenic, Historic Delta
Ditch Creek Easy Westcliffe / Rye
Divide Road Easy, Scenic Telluride
Doc's Easy Leadville
Dolores River    
Dome Lakes Easy, Scenic Sargents
Dominguez Road Easy, Scenic Whitewater
Dry Fork, Minnesota Creek Easy Paonia
Dunckley Pass Easy Yampa / Oak Creek
Dyers Park Easy South Fork
Dyersville Easy, Historic Breckenridge
Top      E - Roads Attributes Location
East Beaver / Sleepy Cat Easy Meeker
East Brush Easy Eagle
East Castle Peak (Coberly Gap) Easy Wolcott
East Goldenage Easy Jamestown
East Tennessee Creek Easy Leadville
East Willow Creek Easy, Mines Creede
Echo Park Easy, Scenic, Historic Dinosaur
Elkhorn Mountain Easy Hahns Peak
Ellis Jeep Trail Moderate Hahns Peak
Elwood Pass Easy, Trailhead Pagosa Springs / South Fork
Embargo Creek Easy, Scenic Del Norte
Empire Loop Moderate Empire
Engineer Pass Easy, Historic, Scenic Ouray / Lake City
English Valley Easy, Scenic Del Norte
Eureka Gulch Easy, Historic Silverton
Exclosure Easy Jefferson
Top      F - Roads Attributes Location
Fairview View Easy, Scenic Jamestown
Fall Creek, Lizard Head Loop, Hermosa Creek Easy, Scenic Ophir
Farewell Gulch Easy, Camping Nederland
Farwell Mtn. Moderate, Historic, Trailhead Hahns Peak
Fawn Creek Easy Meeker
Findley Gulch Easy Saguache
Fire Box Easy Eagle
Fireman Hill Difficult Jamestown
Flag Divide Easy Crested Butte
Flat Tops Easy, Scenic Meeker
Flowers Road Easy Fort Collins
Four Mile Canyon Easy, Scenic Canon City
Fourmile Creek Easy, Trailheads Buena Vista
Four Mile Creek Easy, Historic Fairplay
Four Mile Road Moderate Saguache
Freedom (Independence Network) Extreme Canon City
Freeman Gulch Easy Idaho Springs / Central City
Top      G - Roads Attributes Location
Galaconda Mine / Roses Cabin   Lake City
Gardner Park Easy, Reservoir Yampa
Garibaldi Gulch Moderate, Mines, Scenic Breckenridge
Geneva Basin Easy, Historic Grant
Georgia Pass Easy, Historic, Scenic Breckenridge
(Closed) Gillespie Gulch Difficult, Historic Jamestown / Ward
Glacier Ridge Difficult, Historic, Scenic Breckenridge
Glade Park   Grand Junction
Gladstone Easy, Historic Silverton
Gold Camp Road Easy, Historic Colorado Springs
Gold Run Easy Breckenridge
Golden Horseshoe Easy Breckenridge
Goose Creek Easy Deckers, Tarryall
Gordon Gulch Easy Nederland
Gothic Road Easy, Historic, Trailhead Crested Butte
Government Creek Easy Cowdrey
Governor Basin Easy, Historic, Scenic Ouray
Granby Access Road Moderate, Lakes Cedaredge
Grand Junction Desert Easy to Difficult Grand Junction
Gray Copper Easy Silverton
Grayback Mountain Easy South Fork
Green Ridge Trail Difficult Red Feather Lakes
Greenhorn Mountain Easy Westcliffe / Rye
Guernsey Easy Jefferson/Grant
Gunnison Cnty 44 Graded Parlin
Gunsight Pass Easy, Historic, Scenic Crested Butte
Gunsight Pass Easy Kremmling
Gunsight Pass Easy (does not cross) Crested Butte
Guston and Ironton Easy Silverton
Top      H - Roads Attributes Location
Hackett Gulch Difficult, Scenic Westcreek
Hagerman Pass Easy, Historic, Scenic Leadville
Hagerman Tunnel Easy, Historic, Scenic Basalt
Hahns Peak Moderate, Historic Hahns Peak
Hamlin Gulch Easy Idaho Springs
Hancock Graded, Historic, Scenic Nathrup
Hancock Pass Moderate, Historic, Scenic Nathrup / Pitkin
Handcart Gulch Moderate, Scenic, Historic Grant
Hardscrabble Saddle Easy Eagle
Hat Creek Easy Eagle
Hayden Pass Moderate, Scenic Villa Grove / Coaldale
Haystack Mountain Easy Walden
Height Divide Easy Hayden
Hermit Lakes Easy Creede
Hermit Pass Easy, Scenic Westcliffe
Hermosa Creek Easy Telluride
Herring Park Easy Hartsel, Salida
Hidden Valley Gulch Easy Deckers
High Trail Gulch Moderate State Bridge
Hillside Easy Cowdrey
Holy Cross City Difficult, Historic, Scenic Minturn
Homestead Easy Gunnison/Saguache
Homestead Road Easy Gunnison/Saguache
Horse Canyon Easy Gunnison/Saguache
Horseshoe Basin Moderate, Scenic, Historic Montezuma
Hubbard Cave Easy Glenwood Springs
Hukill Gulch Moderate, Scenic Idaho Springs
Hull Creek Easy Fraser
Hunter Road Easy Kremmling
Hurricane Basin Easy Lake City
Hurricane Pass Easy, Scenic, Historic Silverton
Top      I - Roads Attributes Location
Ice Caves Easy, Historic Silverton
Imogene Pass Moderate, Historic, Scenic Telluride / Ouray
Independance Easy, Historic Aspen
Independence Easy Hahns Peak
Independence Mountain Easy Cowdrey
Independance Network Extreme Canon City
Indiana Creek Easy Breckenridge
Inspiration Point Easy, Camping Gold Hill
Ironclads Moderate Allenspark
Iron Chest Extreme, Historic, Scenic Buena Vista
Iron Mike Moderate, Historic Leadville
Ironton Easy, Historic Silvterton / Ouray
Italian Creek Easy Tin Cup / Crested Butte
Top      J - Roads Attributes Location
Jenny Creek Road Difficult Rollinsville
Jenny June Mine Moderate, Historic Leadville
Johnny Park Easy, Scenic Pinewood Springs / Meeker Park
Jones Pass Easy, Historic, Trailhead Empire
June Creek Difficult Edwards
Top      K - Roads Attributes Location
Kawuneeche Road Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Granby
Kebler Pass Easy, Trailhead Crested Butte / Paonia
Kelly Flats Difficult Rustic
Kendall Gulch Easy, Historic, Scenic Silverton
Kenney Creek Reservoir Moderate, Lakes Grand Junction
Kenny Ridge, aka Cabin Creek Divide Easy Granby
King Solomon Easy Hahns Peak
Kingston Peak Moderate, Historic, Scenic Alice
Knob Easy Ward
Kobey Park   Aspen
Top      L - Roads Attributes Location
La Plata Canyon Easy, Historic, Scenic, Trailhead Durango
La Salle Pass Easy Hartsel / Tarryall
Lamartine Easy, Historic Idaho Springs
Lands End Easy, Scenic Grand Junction
Last Dollar Easy, Scenic Telluride
Lead King Basin Moderate, Historic, Scenic Marble
Leavenworth Creek Easy, Historic, Ghost Town Georgetown
Lefthand Canyon Main Difficult, Scenic, **Closed** Jamestown
Leland Creek Easy, Trailhead Fraser
Lenhard Cutoff Easy, Historic, Trailheads Buena Vista
Liberty (Independence Network) Extreme Canon City
Lime Creek Easy, Scenic Silverton
Lincoln Creek Road Moderate, Scenic, Historic Aspen
Ling Easy Breckenridge/Alma
Little Fourmile Easy Buena Vista
Little Froze Easy Westcliffe / Rye
Little Giant Basin Easy, Historic Silverton
Little James Creek **CLOSED** Jamestown
Little Kerber Easy Villa Grove/Saguache
Little Wolford Mountain Easy Kremmling
Lizard Head Loop/Fall Creek Easy, Scenic Ophir
Loch Lomond Easy, Lakes Alice
Locke Mountain Easy Westcliffe
Lodgepole Flats Easy Leadville
Lodgepole Flats North Easy Leadville
Lodgepole Flats South Easy Leadville
Lone Stare Mine Moderate, Historic Rollinsville
Long Gulch (Barking Dog) **CLOSED** Jamestown
Long Slough Reservoir Difficult, Lakes Grand Junction
Longwater Gulch Difficult Westcreek
Los Pinos / Cebolla Road Easy, Scenic Creede
Los Pinos Pass Easy, Scenic Cochetopa Dome / Lake City
Lost Canyon Easy, Scenic, Mines Leadville / Buena Vista
Lost Lake Easy Red Feather Lakes
Loveland Easy Alma
Lujan Easy, Trailheak Saguache / Gunnison
Lynx Pass Easy, Scenic Oak Creek / Toponas
Top      M - Roads Attributes Location
McAllister Gulch Moderate, Scenic Redcliff
McClellan Mountain Easy, Railroad, Scenic Georgetown
McDonald Creek Canyon Easy, Scenic Fruita
McFerran Easy Fairplay
McNasser Gulch Easy Twin Lakes
Maggie Gulch Easy, Scenic, Historic Silverton
Marcott Road Easy, Fishing Cedaredge
Marshall Pass Easy, Scenic, Historic Poncha Springs, Sargents
Mason Creek Easy Creede
Matchless Easy Nederland
Mayflower Lake Easy, Lakes Breckenridge
Meadow Divide Easy Gardner / Westcliffe
Medano Pass Easy, Scenic Blanca / Westcliffe
Medicine Bow Easy, Mine Cowdrey
Mendenhall Road Easy, Scenic Walden
Mercury Mine Easy Gunnison/Saguache
Mexican Park Easy, Grave Hahns Peak
Metberry Moderate, Rivers Westcreek
Middle Bald Mountain Moderate Rustic / Red Feather Lakes
Middle Cunningham Easy Basalt
Middle Fork Swan River Easy, Scenic, Historic Breckenridge
Middle Mountain Road Easy, Scenic, Historic Durango
Middle Quartz Creek Easy Pitkin
Middle St. Vrain Moderate, Scenic, Trailhead, Rivers Raymond
Midnight Mine / Little Annie Easy Aspen
Milk Creek Road Moderate Sargents
Mill Creek Road Easy, Scenic Vail
Miller Creek Easy Empire
Miller Rock Moderate Riverside
Mine Sweep Extreme Salida
Mineral Creek Easy, Mine Silverton
Mineral Point Easy, Scenic, Historic Ouray
Miners Gulch Easy Idaho Springs
Minnie Gulch Easy, Scenic, Historic Silverton
Moeller Creek / Sleepy Cat Moderate Meeker
Molly Bawn Easy Idaho Springs
Montezuma Basin Moderate Aspen
Moon Gulch Moderate Rollinsville
Moody Hill Moderate Masonville
Morrison Creek, aka Lynx Pass Easy Toponas
Mosquito Creek Easy Apex
Mosquito Pass Easy, Scenic, Historic Leadville, Fairplay
Mother Hill Difficult, **Closed** Jamestown
Mount Alto Easy Gold Hill
Mount Antero Moderate, Scenic Buena Vista
Mount Baldy Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Cripple Creek
Mount Bross Easy, Scenic, Historic Alma
Mount Bross Easy, View Hot Sulphur Springs
Mount Herman Road Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Monument
Mount Lincoln Easy, Scenic, Historic, Trailhead Fairplay
Mount Princeton Easy, Scenic Buena Vista
Mount Zion Easy, Scenic Leadville
Muddy Creek Easy, Scenic Parshall
Muddy Pass Easy, Scenic Vail
Mulstay Road Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Granby
Mushroom Gulch Easy Buena Vista
Top      N - Roads Attributes Location
Napoleon Pass Moderate, Scenic, Mine Tincup
Narrow Gauge Easy Alma
Nellie Creek Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Ouray
Nevadaville Easy, Scenic Central City
Ninety Four Moderate Idaho Springs
No Name Easy Leadville
No Name Creek Easy Gould
Nolan Creek Easy Eagle
North Clear Creek Easy Apex
North Clear Creek Easy, Waterfall Creede
North Fork Cutoff (Yvonne Pass) Easy Silverton
North Fork Swan River Easy, Historic Breckenridge
North Sand Hills All, Scenic Walden
North Supply Jeep Trail Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Grand Lake
North Twin Cone Moderate, Scenic Grant
Northrup Gulch Easy Westcreek
Nugget Hill Difficult, Scenic, **Closed** Jamestown
Nunn Creek Basin Moderate, Scenic Red Feather Lakes
Top      O - Roads Attributes Location
Oh-Be-Joyful **CLOSED** Crested Butte
Ohio Pass Easy Crested Butte, Gunnison
Old Chalk Creek Easy Nathrop
Old Corral Peak Easy Parshall
Old Fall River Road Easy, Scenic Estes Park
Old Fulford Easy Eagle
Old Highway Easy, Historic Toponas
Old La Veta Pass Easy Walsenburg, Fort Garland
Old Monarch Pass Easy, Scenic Sargents
Old Roach Easy Cowdrey
Ophir Pass Easy, Scenic, Historic Telluride
Oregon Hill Easy, Mine Apex
Owl Creek Easy, Camping Gould
Owl Creek Pass Easy, Fall Color, Trailhead, Fishing Ridgway
Owl Mountain Lookout Easy, Camping Gould
Owl Mountain Road Easy Gould
Top      P - Roads Attributes Location
Pagosa Junction Easy, Scenic, Historic Pagosa Springs
Paradise Divide Easy, Scenic, Historic, Trailhead Crested Butte
Park Creek Easy South Fork
Parkview Mountain Easy, Scenic Granby
Pass Creek Pass Easy Walsenburg, Fort Garland
Patriot (Independence Network) Extreme Canon City
Pawnee Grasslands Easy Greeley
Peak 10 Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Breckenridge
Pearl Pass Moderate, Scenic Crested Butte, Aspen
Peekaboo Gulch Easy, Scenic Twin Lakes
Peewink Mountain Easy Nederland
Pennsylvania Creek Easy Breckenridge
Perigo Easy, Historic, Mine Rollinsville
Peru Creek Easy, Trailhead, Mines Montezuma
Phantom Canyon Easy, Scenic, Historic Canon City
Phoenix Easy, Historic, Mine Rollinsville
Picayune Gulch Easy, Historic, Scenic Silverton
Pickle Gulch Moderate Rollinsville
Pieplant Creek Easy, Historic, Mill Tincup
Pierson Park Easy, Scenic Estes Park
Pindante Canyon Easy, Historic Rangely
Pinkham Creek (Parks) Easy Cowdrey
Pinkham Creek (Canyon Lakes) Easy Cowdrey
Placer Gulch Easy, Historic Silverton
Pole Hill Easy, Challenge, Scenic Estes Park
Pomeroy Lake (Mary Murphy Mine) Easy, Historic, Scenic Buena Vista
Pool Table Easy, Scenic South Fork / Creede
Porphyry Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Silverton
Poughkeepsie Gulch Difficult, Scenic Ouray
Poverty Gulch Easy, Trailhead Crested Butte
Powerline sec5 Easy Whitepine
Powerline-Cunningham Easy Basalt
Prairie Divide Easy Red Feather Lakes
Privateer Easy Alma
Prospect Gulch Easy, Historic, Scenic Silverton
Ptarmigan Pass S
Ptarmigan Pass N
Easy, Scenic Camp Hail / Redcliff
Ptarmigan Peak Easy Fraser
Top      R - Roads Attributes Location
Radical Hill Moderate, Historic, Scenic Montezuma
Radium Easy, Scenic Kremmling
Rainbow Lakes Easy, Trailhead Nederland
Rampart Range Road Easy Deckers
Ranch Creek Difficult Minturn
Rarus Triangle Easy Central City
Rat Creek Easy, Scenic Creede
Rattlesnake Canyon Moderate, Trailhead Grand Junction
Red Cone Moderate, Scenic Montezuma / Grant
Red Dirt Creek / Derby Mesa Easy Burns
Red Elephant Hill   Empire
Red Park Easy, Camping Hahns Peak
Red Sandstone (Muddy Pass) Easy Wolcott and Vail
Red Table / Red Creek Moderate, Scenic Gypsum
Red View Easy Hahns Peak
Red and White Mountain Easy Vail
Reno Divide Moderate, Secnic Crested Butte
Resolution Peak Moderate, Scenic Camp Hale
Richmond Basin Moderate, Scenic, Historic Ouray
Richmond Hill Easy Aspen
Ripper Easy Jefferson
Ripple Creek Pass Easy Meeker
Road Hog Easy Pearl
Roan Cliffs Easy, Scenic Rifle
Roaring Creek Easy Red Feather Lakes
Rock Creek Easy, Trailhead Allenspark
Rock Creek Trail Pass Easy, Trail head Jefferson
Rocky Brook Easy, Trailhead Tincup, Almont
Rocky Point Road Easy Fraser
Rollins Pass East Easy, Historic, Scenic Rollinsville
Rollins Pass West Easy, Historic, Scenic Winter Park
Rose's Cabin   Lake City
Round Hill Easy, Mine Fairplay
Ruby Gulch Easy Nederland
Rushmer Easy Westcliffe / Rye
Russell Gulch Easy, Historic Central City
Top      S - Roads Attributes Location
Sage Draw Easy Leadville
Saguache Cnty 14PP Graded Doyleville
Saguache Park Graded, Trailheads, Fishing Saguache/Gunnison
Saguache Tie Easy, Fishing Saguache/Gunnison
Sts. John Moderate, Ghost Towns Montezuma
St. Kevin Easy, Mines Leadville
St. Louis Creek Easy, Trailhead Fraser
St. Mary's Glacier Easy Idaho Springs
Salt Creek Easy, Trail head Antero Junction
Salt Creek South Easy, Trail head Antero Junction
Samora Gulch Easy Saguache / Gunnison
Sand Creek Pass Easy Red Feather Lakes
Sand Wash Basin Easy, Scenic Maybell
Sanderson Gulch Easy Del Norte
Santa Fe Peak Easy, Scenic Montezuma
Santa Maria Easy Creede
Sapinero Mesa Road Easy, Scenic Gunnison
Sawmill Easy Eagle
Sawmill Gulch Easy Ward
Saxon Mountain Moderate, Scenic, Historic Georgetown
Sayres Gulch Easy Twin Lakes
Schofield Pass Moderate, Scenic, Historic Marble, Crested Butte
Schoolmarm Mountain Easy Hartsel
Schrader Creek Easy Del Norte
Scotch Creek Pass Easy, Scenic, Historic Rico
Seep Springs Graded Canon City
Seven Mile Easy Rustic
Sevenmile Easy, Scenic Buena Vista
Shavano Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Poncha Springs
Shawnee Mountain Easy Crow Hill
Sheephorn Easy State Bridge
Sheep Creek Easy Saguache
Shelf Road Graded Cripple Creek
Sheridan Hill Easy Idaho Springs
Shrine Pass Easy, Scenic Vail / Redcliff
Silver Creek Trailhead Easy Poncha Springs
Silverton Northern RR Grade Easy, Historic Silverton
Slane Gulch Easy Saguache / Gunnison
Slate Road Easy, Historic, Trailhead Crested Butte
Slaughterhouse Gulch Moderate Crow Hill
Slaughterhouse Gulch Easy Tincup
Sleepy Cat Peak Easy Meeker
Slide Lake Easy Leadville
Smith Mesa Easy Hot Sulphur Springs
Soap Creek Road Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Gunnison
South Carnero Easy Saguache
South Fork Lake Creek Easy Twin Lakes
Spraddle Creek Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Vail
Spring Creek Easy, Lakes, Trailhead Silverthorne
Spring Creek Easy, Historic Idaho Springs
Spring Creek / Silver Creek Difficult, Scenic Lawson
Spring Creek Easy, Historic Almont
Spring Creek Easy Villa Grove
Spruce Divide Easy Toponas
Spruce Mountain Easy Masonville
Stiletto Easy Clark
Stillwater Pass Easy, Scenic Granby
Stone Quarry Easy to Extreme Del Norte
Stoney Pass Easy Deckers
Stony Pass Easy, Scenic, Historic, Trailhead Silverton / Creede
Storm Mountain Easy Masonville / Drake
Storm King Mountain Difficult Glenwood Springs
Sugarloaf Mountain **CLOSED** Boulder
Summitville Easy South Fork / Del Norte
Swansea Gulch Easy Silverton
Switchback Easy, Historic Alma
Switzerland Trail Easy, Historic Boulder
Top      T - Roads Attributes Location
T-Pit Easy Jefferson/Grant
Tabor Easy, Mine Alma
Taylor Canyon Trail Easy, Scenic Saguache
Taylor Pass Moderate, Scenic Aspen, Taylor Park
Teller Divide Easy, Ghost Town Gould
Third Park Easy Hot Sulphur Springs
Thompson Creek Easy Carbondale
Tigiwon Road Easy, Trailhead Minturn
Tincup Gulch Moderate, Scenic, History Tin Cup
Tincup Pass Moderate, Scenic, History Tin Cup / St. Elmo
Tipperary Creek **CLOSED** Fraser
Toll Road Gulch Easy, Historic Poncha Springs
Tomichi Pass Easy, Scenic Pitkin / Whitepine
Top-of-the-World **CLOSED** Deckers
Topaz Mountain Easy Jefferson
Trail Creek Easy, Historic Idaho Springs
Transfer Trail Moderate Glenwood Springs
Tree Digger Easy Jefferson
Trinchera Easy Cuchara
Trough Road Pass Easy Kremmling
Tunnel Hill Easy Winter Park
Turkey Creek Easy Westcreek
Turret Easy, Historic Salida
Tuscarora Cutoff Easy Ward
Twin Mountain Easy Hahns Peak
Twin Saddle Easy Hahns Peak
Twisty Beaver Easy Pearl
Top      U - Roads Attributes Location
Uncompahgre Plateau Easy, Scenic Montrose
Union Canyon Moderate, Scenic Tincup/Almont
Union Park Easy, Camping Tincup/Almont
Upham Gulch Easy Nederland
(Closed) Upper Carnage Difficult Jamestown
Upper Spanish Creek Easy, Pass Saguache
US Basin Easy, Scenic Silverton / Ouray
Utah Hill Easy Apex
Ute Creek Easy Idaho Springs
Ute Pass Easy, Scenic Villa Grove / Saguache
Top      V - Roads Attributes Location
Van Tassel Easy, Pass Saguache/Gunnison
Vassar Easy, Trailhead Pearl
Village Belle Easy Cowdrey
Top      W - Roads Attributes Location
Wager Gulch Easy, Scenic, Historic Lake City
Wahl Easy Jefferson
Waldorf Moderate, Historic, Ghost Town Georgetown
Wallace Gulch Easy Jefferson
Walters Lake Easy State Bridge
Warden Gulch Easy Montezuma
Washington Gulch Easy, Historic Crested Butte
Washoe Gulch Moderate Idaho Springs
Watson Park Loop Moderate Deckers
Waunita Pass Easy, Scenic Pitkin / Doyleville
Wearyman Creek Moderate, Scenic Redcliff
Weber Gulch Easy Jefferson
Webster Pass Easy, Scenic Montezuma / Grant
West Deep Creek Rim Moderate, Scenic Dotsero
West Lake Creek Easy, Trailhead Edwards
West Mountain Easy Ohio City / Pitkin
West Pinos Easy South Fork
Weston Pass Easy, Historic, Trailhead Leadville / Fairplay
Whale Hill Easy, Mining, View Bonanza
Wheeler Geologic Area Moderate, Scenic Creede
Wheeler Lake Difficult, Scenic, Historic, Lakes Alma/Breckenridge
Whiskey Park Easy Hahns Peak
Wild Horse Trail Easy, Scenic DeBeque
Williams Creek Easy Gardner
Williams Pass Difficult (open for August only) St. Elmo / Pitkin
Wills Reservoir Connector Easy Cowdrey
Willow Creek Easy Parlin
Willow Creek Easy South Fork
Winfield Easy, Scenic, Ghost Town Granite
Wolford Mountain Easy Kremmling
Wolford Mountain Reservoir Easy Kremmling
Wood Gulch Easy, Scenic Doyleville
Woods Lake Easy Basalt
Wurts Ditch Easy, Trailheads Leadville
Wylie Gulch Easy Gardner
Top      Y - Roads Attributes Location
Yampa Bench Easy, Scenic Dinosaur
Yankee Boy Basin Easy, Scenic, Historic, Trailhead Ouray
Yankee Hill Easy, Scenic Central City
Yellowjacket - East Beaver Creek Easy Meeker
Yellowjacket Pass Easy Meeker
York Gulch Easy Idaho Springs
Yvonne Pass Easy, Scenic Ouray / Silverton
Top      Z - Roads Attributes Location
Zapata Falls Easy, Waterfall Alamosa

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