Boulder County - Colorado
Road Name County Name Cnty # FS/BLM # Difficulty Miles Location / Status
  Big Owl Road 82       Meeker Park
Johnny Park   82E       Meeker Park
    113N       Meeker Park
    113S       Meeker Park
    113E       Meeker Park
    115       North St. Vrain
  Longmont Dam Road 80       Longmont Reservoir
    101       Olive Ridge
    90       Allenspark
Rock Creek Ski Road 107, 107E FR116.2 Easy 3 1.00 Allenspark
Bunce School Road Bunce School Road 105, 105J FR105 Easy 3 2.60 Allenspark
Middle St. Vrain Middle St. Vrain 92J FR114 Moderate 7 0.15 Peaceful Valley
Coney Flats Coney Creek 96J FR507 Moderate 6 3.20 Peaceful Valley
Beaver Reservoir Road Beaver Reservoir Road 96   Graded   Peaceful Valley
Barking Dog (access)   87(part) FR2019 NA   Jamestown. Closed by County 2000. Removed access to Barking Dog 4WD road.
    87   Graded   Jamestown
    87J       Jamestown (Golden Age)
    100       Ward (Hidden Lake)
    100J       Ward
  Gold Lake Road 102       Ward
  James Creek 102J   Easy 3   Jamestown. Closed by County 1999.
  Spring Gulch Road 102J FR370, 372     Ward
    102N       Ward
  Lefthand Reservoir 104       Ward
  Sawmill Road 95       Ward
Switzerland Trail Switzerland Trail 93J, 120J FR93 Easy 1 14.55 Ward
  Pennsylvania Gulch 95J       Sunset
    79       Boulder
    83, 83E       Gold Hill
    103       Nederland
Rainbow Lakes Rainbow Lakes 116 FR116 Easy 1 2.40 Nederland
  Switzerland Park Road 124W       Nederland
    122W       Nederland
    124, 124J       Sugarloaf
Caribou Caribou Road 116J, 128J FR505 Moderate 5 3.20 Nederland
    126       Nederland
Boulder Cnty 126N CR126N 126N   Easy 3 1.50 Nederland
    126J       Nederland
    126S       Nederland
    128       Nederland
    128N       Nederland
    128W       Nederland
  Haul Road 132W       Nederland
    136N       Nederland
    99       Nederland
    97       Nederland
  Lazy Road 97E       Nederland
    68, 68J       Gross Reservoir
  Tunnel 19 85       Pinecliffe
  28.60 Total Miles of Recreation Roads

Last Modified: 12/21/19

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