San Juan County - Colorado
Road Name County Name Cnty # FS/BLM # Difficulty Miles Location / Status
Arrastra Gulch Arrastra Gulch 52   Easy 3 2.60 Silverton
Buffalo Boy Mine Rocky Gulch Road 3B   Easy 4 2.21 Silverton
California Gulch California Gulch 19, 9   Easy 2 4.90 Silverton
Cinnamon Pass Cinnamon Pass 30   Easy 3 2.60 Lake City, Silverton
Corkscrew Gulch Corkscrew Gulch 20A FR886 Easy 3 1.86 Silverton, Ouray
Engineer Pass Engineer Pass 20   Easy 2 21.50 Lake City, Ouray
Eureka Gulch Eureka Gulch 25 BLM4508 Easy 1 3.80 Silverton
Hurricane Pass Hurricane Pass 10   Easy 2 3.68 Silverton
Kendall Gulch Kendall Gulch 33   Easy 2 6.42 Silverton
Little Giant Basin Little Giant Basin     Easy 2 2.70 Silverton
Maggie Gulch Maggie Gulch 23 BLM3116 Easy 2 5.10 Silverton
Minnie Gulch Minnie Gulch 24   Easy 2 4.25 Silverton
Picayune Gulch Picayune (Picayne) Gulch 9   Easy 2 1.30 Silverton
Placer Gulch Placer Gulch 9   Easy 2 5.40 Silverton
Poughkeepsie Gulch Poughkeepsie Gulch 58   Moderate 7 4.52 Silverton, Ouray
Stony Pass Stony Pass 3   Easy 3 4.30 Silverton
Swansea Gulch Aspen Road 32   Easy 2 5.40 Silverton
  75.12 Total Miles of Recreation Roads
Last Modified: 02/20/22
  • Road names grayed out have been closed to the public.
  • Road mileage is taken from County road maps.
    It is first pass and will be double checked when maps of each road are produced.
  • Difficulty ratings are based on an average. To some, the levels list the road as easier than they are,
    while to others they are listed as harder. Consider this when choosing roads to drive. Know your ability.
    If you are new to four wheeling, start at the easy level and work up to find your highest ability.
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