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Four Wheeling has many forms. From the hardcore custom built vehicles that can climb massive obstacles to the brand new luxury Sport Utility Vehicles that are used to access trailheads and campgrounds.

As a four wheeler, each person has an ability and interest level. The interest may be only for access to pursue other forms of recreation, or it may be for the sole purpose of challenging the individual and vehicle to it's limits. These different interests will set the ability level of the individual.

For some a four wheel drive vehicle is a way to get beyond the paved areas that everyone has access to. It is a way to reach a backcountry primitive campsite, or a way to get to a scenic overlook. Others will use their 4WD vehicle to reach lakes and rivers for fishing or boating. Especially in Colorado, many use their 4WD vehicles to reach old ghost towns and mines, to find old railroad grades and see the historic works from over 100 years ago.

Part of these diverse interests are also the challenges that a 4WD road has to offer. For some that challenge is the interest. It becomes the test of driver and vehicle to overcome a challenge, not unlike doing a technical climb of a mountain, or shooting class 5 rapids, or mountain biking extreme terrain.

No matter what your interests you should always respect others on the 4WD roads as almost all other modes of travel are allowed on 4WD roads. Always Tread Lightly!, pick up your trash, as well as any trash left by others, and follow the rules of the 4WD road. If we all respect each other and reduce user conflict, it will help to insure that the 4WD roads you drive today will be open in the future.
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