4X4Explore.com - Map Key

Paved Road - Arterial roads, or high comfort, that are paved. Can be State Highways, County roads, Forest Service roads, or BLM roads.
Gravel Road - Collector roads, or moderate comfort, that are gravel. Can be County roads, Forest Service roads, or BLM roads.
4WD Road - Natural surface roads, or low comfort, that have limited maintenance. Can be County roads, Forest Service roads, or BLM roads.
Trail - Non-Motorized, or Motorized, trail not designed for vehicles. Natural surface with widths from one foot to four feet wide.
OHV Permit - Trails for full sized vehicles requiring and OHV Permit.
Campsite - Dispersed campsites or campgrounds.
Picnic Ground - Picnic grounds are day use areas only. Some may be primitive, while others may have facilities.
Scenic View - Scenic views are places that have views of unique quality. They can be overlooks of rivers or valleys, views of mountain ranges, or towns.
Color - Areas where fall color views are exceptional.
Fishing - Access points to rivers and lakes.
Trailhead - Parking areas at the beginning of non-motorized trails.
Parking - Parking area at the beginning of motorized trails.
Restrooms - Restrooms may be newer Sweet Smelling Toilets (SST), or may be single pit toilests.
Gate - Gates are closures to public access. They may be at private property boundaries, on roads that are administratively closed by the managing agency, or on roads that have been abandoned.
Gate, Seasonal - Seasonal Closure gates are put in place for many reasons. Some are used to protect the road bed during spring run off when the snows melt. They can be used to protect wildlife during critical times, like rearing young. Typical closures are duing the winter and spring months.
Water Crossing - Water crossings are sections of 4WD road that cross creeks, or streams. These are usually deep enough or long enough to warrant indication.
Obstacle - Obstacles are the challenge of the 4WD road. They may be rocks, steps, outcroppings, sand, or terrain slop.
Brush - Brush indicates where the 4WD road has brush or trees that encroach into the road. These sections have the potential to scratch paint.
Ghost Town - Ghost Towns are sites of abandoned towns. They will have old buildings, foundations, and debris from past occupation.
Mine, Horizontal - Mines that go into the earth at one elevation.
Mine, Vertical - Mines that go down into the earth dropping in elevation.
Mine - Mine and/or mills or other mining infrastructure.
Rock Art - Native American rock art. It can be chipped or painted onto rock. Note: Pictographs are painted onto rock, Petroglyphs are chipped into rock.
Waterfall - Location of a waterfall on a river.

Private Property - Lands grayed out on the map are private property and may have access blocked. Some private property may have a public easement to allow the public to cross.

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