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USGS 7.5' Map: Allenspark, Ward
Difficulty: Number: Miles: Altitude: Obstacles: Time:
Moderate 6 FR507 6.54 9000 - 9800 ft. Rock - 2
Water - 2
3.5 hours
County: Boulder
Adopted by: Trailridge Runners 4WD Club P.O. Box 7513, Longmont, CO 80501  
Managed by: Arapaho / Roosevelt National Forest, Boulder Ranger District 2140 Yarmouth St., Boulder, CO 80301 (303)541-2500
Summary: Coney Creek flows out of Coney Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness along the Continental Divide crossing a flat ridge and then dropping into the Middle St. Vrain River. Once an old logging road Coney Flats Road is now used for motorized recreation and as access to Indian Peaks Wilderness trailheads.
Attractions: The Coney Flats 4WD Road runs through an area that was logged in the 1950's on the eastern flank of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. The road stays in the regrown forest for it's entire length. At the Wilderness trailhead there are great views of Sawtooth Mountain and Mount Audubon. Coney Flats 4WD Road connects to the Middle St. Vrain 4WD Road via the Coney Flats Cutoff.
Agency - Mid November to late June. The Coney Flats seasonal closure gates do not open until late June, or the first part of July. The 4WD road is reviewed as early as the third weekend in June by the Trailridge Runners 4WD Club to determine if the snow drifts have melted and the road bed is dry enough to handle vehicle traffic.
Best Time: July - Early in the month water crossings will be deepest due to spring run off. (All crossings are hardened to eliminate environmental impact)
August - Busiest time for all activities.
September - Late month for fall colors. Good views of Sawtooth Mountain and the Continental Divide.
October - Possible ice at water crossings.
Hiking -
Buchanan Pass FDT910, Sourdough FDT835, Beaver Creek FDT911, Coney Lake FDT914, Stapp Lakes FDT817
Equestrian -
Buchanan Pass FDT910, Sourdough FDT835, Beaver Creek FDT911, Coney Lake FDT914, Stapp Lakes FDT817
Mountain Bike -
Buchanan Pass FDT910 (part), Sourdough FDT835, Stapp Lakes FDT817, Middle St. Vrain FDR114, Coney Flats FDR507
Middle St. Vrain FDR114, Coney Flats FDR507
Motorcycle -
Middle St. Vrain FDR114, Coney Flats FDR507
Camping: Camping is available at the Peaceful Valley and Camp Dick Forest Service campgrounds (fee required). Dispersed camping is allowed along the Coney Flats 4WD road in existing sites. Camping in the Indian Peaks Wilderness requires a permit. Contact the Boulder Ranger District, (303)541-2500.
Base Camp: Camp Dick or Peaceful Valley campgrounds work well, but there is a fee. There is also camping along the Coney Flats 4WD road and along the Middle St. Vrain 4WD road with no fee required. There are five four wheel drive roads in the general area of Peaceful Valley; Middle St. Vrain, Bunce School, Coney Flats, Miller Rock, and Rock Creek.
Fall Colors: Poor - There are a few Aspen along the Coney Flats Road near Beaver Reservoir.
Snowshoeing -
Entire area
Cross Country Skiing-
Buchanan Pass FDT910, Sourdough FDT835, Coney Lake FDT914
Snowmobile -
Middle St. Vrain FR114, Coney Flats FR507
Navigation: From Lyons, Colorado take highway 7 south toward Allenspark. At the intersection of Hwy 7 and Hwy 72 (the Peak to Peak Highway) go south to Peaceful Valley and continue on toward Ward. About 3 miles from Peaceful Valley is the Camp Tahosa Boy Scout Camp sign and a forest access sign, turn west here and follow County Road 96 to Beaver Reservoir. Please respect the private property around the Reservoir. Along the northwest shore of Beaver Reservoir is the enterance to the Coney Flats 4WD Road.
History: The Coney Flats road was originally created to access the timber operations in the surrounding area.
The Coney Flats 4WD road is an old logging road south of Rocky Mountain National Park and east of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Coney Flats road runs from Beaver Reservoir to the Coney Creek Wilderness trailhead at Coney Flats. The road stays in the trees the majority of the way with few views of the continental divide. Because of the shade of the trees the snows linger later into the year, sometimes into July, which will keep the road closed until the drifts have melted off.
At the Middle St. Vrain connection in June

photo by:
Adam M

The climb from the connection with the Middle St. Vrain 4WD road is narrow with steep sections. Close to the top you will have to drive through a section with large rocks. This is the main challenge. After getting through the rocky section you will drive out into an open area. This is Coney Flats where the view of the divide includes Sawtooth Mountain and the valley up to Coney Lake which are both in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.
Coney Flats

photo by:
Adam M

Heading southeast from Coney Flats you will have to immediately cross a wide section of Coney Creek. This crossing can be deep in the spring during run off.
Coney Creek crossing, August

photo by:
Christy H

It may have sheets of ice in late fall.
Coney Creek crossing, October

photo by:
Ray C

It can even be frozen over in late October.
Coney Creek crossing, October

photo by:
Adam M

After the creek crossing the road will continue through a marshy section and then climb up a bit before making a right turn and heading up through the trees. There will be one small rocky section. After going up and down along small hills the road will head east and come to an intersection just past a rocky outcrop. The left goes to a small loop with some dispersed camp sites. The right continues on Coney Flats 4WD road. Next you will make a sharp left hairpin turn and climb another rocky section. The road will pass along a shallow lake that may not have any water in it. Just past the lake you will come to a more open area. From here the road continues east and will come to an intersection after less than a mile. The right is FR507.1C which dead ends before reaching Stapp Lakes.

Continue on FR507. In about a quarter mile you will come to another intersection to your right, kind of behind you, which is FR507.1B. This spur will connect with FR507.1C. Continue on FR507 and shortly you will leave public lands and pass the Coney Flats 4WD road kiosk on a rise above the Beaver Reservoir road.
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