Pass Creek Pass  
USGS 7.5' Map: Little Sheep Mountain, La Veta Pass
Difficulty: Number: Miles: Altitude: Obstacles: Time:
Graded CR572 8.40 7,700 to 9,390 ft. NA 1-2 hours
County: Huerfano and Costilla
Adopted by:      
Managed by: Huerfano County
Costilla County
401 Main Street, Walsenburg, CO 81089
352 Main Street, San Luis, CO 81152
Summary: Pass Creek Pass is a connection route from North La Veta Pass (Hwy160) to Red Wing, CO.
Attractions: Backcountry road
Nature - Closed by snow.
Best Time: May - Could be snowed in
June - Best
July - Best
August - Best
September - Best
October - Good
Trail Heads
Camping: None
Base Camp: This would not be a good area to base camp. Mostly private property.
Fall Colors: Good - Lots of aspen in the area
Navigation: From Gardner, CO head west on CO-69 N toward County Road 638 for 0.8 miles. Turn left onto County Road 550 and go 253 ft. Turn left onto County Road 560 and go 6.0 miles. Continue straight onto County Road 565 and go 0.2 miles. Continue straight onto County Road 562 and go 0.9 miles. Turn right and go 0.5 miles. Slight left onto County Road 565 and go 0.3 miles. Turn left onto County Road 572, Pass Creek Road.

From Walsenburg, CO head southwest on US-160 W/W 7th Street toward S Albert Ave. and continue to follow US-160 W for 28.5 miles, crossing La Veta Pass. Just over the pass, turn right onto County Road 572.
History: Pass Creek Pass divides the Pass Creek drainage from the Sangre de Christo drainage. Orignally used by Native Americans, the pass became the route for the Spanish to enter into the San Louis Valley. Later, trappers and traders used the pass to sell goods and get supplies from the community around Hardscrabble. The early military posts of Fort Garland and Fort Massachusetts relied on the pass as a way to stay connected with communities in the east. By the 1850's the communities around the military outposts were increasing, which required more travel over the pass wagon road to bring in supplies.

Helmuth, Ed and Gloria. The Passes of Colorado Boulder, Colorado: Pruett, 1994. Print.
Pass Creek Pass Road is a graded gravel road just north of La Veta Pass that heads down Pass Creek to Red Wing, CO. The road starts just below the summit of La Veta Pass on the west side. You will take a right turn on a wide gravel road off of the highway. The Pass Creek Pass Road will climb through an open meadow up to a grove of trees. This is the top of the pass. From here the road heads down through the forest past private drives to the Pass Creek valley. The road will follow Pass Creek down the valley, passing more private property. You will come to a wide open area that is pasture and hay fields. There will be an intersection with County Road 572 and County Road 565. Both of these county roads will get you back to Hwy 69 near Gardner, CO.

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