USGS 7.5' Map: Observatory Rock
Difficulty: Number: Miles: Altitude: Obstacles: Time:
Easy 2 FR 826 2.70 9,200 to 9,480 ft. NA 1-2 hours
County: Park
Adopted by:      
Managed by: Pike National Forest,
South Park Ranger District
P.O. Box 219, 320 Hwy 285
Fairplay, Colorado 80440
(719) 836-2031
Summary: Exclosure runs south along Rock Creek through open meadows, then it climbs up onto a ridge and ties in with Rock Creek Hills road, FR39.
Nature - Closed by heavy snows.
Best Time: June - Possible snow drifts
July - Best
August - Best
September - Best
October - Early snows possible
Trail Heads
Camping: There are many campsites along the first mile of the road that connects with Rock Creek Hills, FR39.
Base Camp: This would be a good area to base camp and explore the other 4WD roads east of Rock Creek.
Fall Colors: Poor - Mostly Pine forest.
Navigation: From Jefferson, CO. head south-east on Co Rd 77 towards Main Street. Go 8.1 miles. Turn left onto Rock Creek Hills Road, County Rd 39, and go 0.7 miles. Turn right onto the Exclosure 4WD road.

Starting from the south end, where Exclosure connects with the Rock Creek Hills Road, there are quite a few dispersed camp sites along the north side of the road. The road is well traveled and there are short spurs to camp sites further from the road.

As the road enters into the trees it passes a large camp site and then heads down a rougher eroded hill following a short gulch to a large open area along Rock Creek. The road will turn north and follow along the edge of the forest. In less than a mile you will intersect with the Tree Digger road, FR824. The left will take you back to the Rock Creek Hills Road, the right will very shortly dead end at a private property fence.
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