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USGS 7.5' Map: Boreas Pass, Jefferson, Keystone
Difficulty: Number: Miles: Altitude: Obstacles: Time:
Easy 3 FR 355, Cnty 54 10.4 9,970 to 11,585 ft. Rock 2 3 hours
County: Summit and Park
Adopted by: Mile Hi Jeep Club, Patrol 7   (303)420-6592,
Managed by: White River Nat. Forest,
Dillon Ranger District

Pike Nat. Forest,
South Park Ranger District
680 River Parkway
Silverthorne, CO 80498

320 Hwy 285, P.O. Box 219
Fairplay, CO 80440


Summary: Georgia Pass was once a supply route between Middle Park and the mines along the Swan River. The southern approach is maintained for passenger vehicles while the northern approach requires a 4WD high clearance vehicle.
Attractions: Scenery, Mason Memorial, Moe's Cabin
Agency - November 23 to May 20
Best Time: June - Early, may still be snowed in on the north side. July - Best for wildflowers.
August - Best
September - Best
Trail Heads
FT 9088 (Motorcycle only)
Camping: There are a few dispersed campsites on the south side of Georgia Pass. On the north side most of the dispersed sites are at lower elevations.
Base Camp: This would be a good area to base camp with access to 4WD roads east of Breckenridge. Middle Fork of the Swan, North Fork of the Swan, Gold Run, and Glacier Ridge.
Fall Colors: Average - The south side has the most aspen trees.
Navigation: From Breckenridge CO. head north on North Main Street 0.4 miles to the traffic circle. At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto Colorado Rd 9 North / Main Street. Continue to follow Colorado Rd 9 North for 2.9 miles. Turn right onto County Rd 6 / Tiger Road. Go 6.2 miles and intersect with Middle Fork Swan Road. Continue on Middle Fork Swan Road for 0.8 miles. Turn right and cross the Middle Fork of the Swan River to start Georgia Pass from the north.

From Fairplay, CO. head southeast on Main Street toward 7th Street for 0.4 miles. Turn left onto US-285 North and go 14.0 miles to a left turn onto County Rd 35. Go 3.6 miles to a left turn onto County Rd 54 / Michigan Creek Road. Go 2.4 miles to a slight left to stay on County Rd 54 / Michigan Creek Road to start Georgia Pass from the south.
History: Georgia Pass divides the South Fork of the Swan River on the north side from Michigan Creek on the south side. Both Utes and Arapaho Indians used the pass considerably. Trappers and prospectors frequented the route over Georgia Pass before the Civil War. In the mid 1800's miners from the east used the pass heavily to reach the mines along the Blue River and the Swan River. By 1861 a toll road charter was approved. By 1873 when Hayden's surveyors visited the area they noted that the pass was easy to cross by the established wagon road.

The town of Jefferson, named after Jefferson Territory, an extralegal government honoring President Thomas Jefferson created before the Territory of Colorado, is at the southern end of Georgia Pass. After the mining boom in the early 1860's when Jefferson supplied the prospectors, it become a train station on the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad.

The northern side of Georgia Pass dropped down to the Swan River where many small mining camps attest to the amount of ore in the region. Parkville, or Park City, was below Georgia Pass on the Swan River and was one of the best mining camps in Summit County. The first gold was found in 1859. By 1860 Parkville was made county seat and an estimated three million dollars in gold was produced during the first two years. A mint was soon established by J.J. Conway and Company which produced $10 gold pieces. After the placer gold was played out, lode mining began. Once it pinched out hydraulics were used to wash the gold from the hill sides. All of this activity in the narrow valley that housed Parkville became the towns demise. By 1880 the tailings from all the mining activities had buried the town.
Georgia Pass offers the most challenge on the north side of the pass. After crossing the Middle Fork of the Swan River you will pass through the area where Parkville once stood. Turn left onto FR 355 and head up the gulch of the South Fork of the Swan River. After entering a small clearing you will pass Moe's Cabin.

Further up the gulch you will enter the forest again and there will be mutiple side road connections. Stay with the main road. At one spot it will be difficult to choose the correct route. If you are not continuing up the gulch heading south, then you are most likely on a spur road, or an ATV trail. Back track to the main road and pick a different road going up the gulch.
As you approach the pass the road will become steeper and narrower. At the top of Georgia Pass there are views of South Park to the south. Continuing on the road is now a maintained county road that is graded gravel. There are multiple switchbacks to navigate as you decend into South Park. As you follow Michigan Creek and French Creek the forest becomes more aspen than pine. Just before you end Georgia Pass you will pass the Michigan Creek Forest Service campground.
Data updated: December 15, 2012            4WD Road driven: July 9, 2000 and September 3, 2010
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