Goose Creek   
USGS 7.5' Map: Cheesman Lake, Hackett Mountain, Tarryall
Difficulty: Number: Miles: Altitude: Obstacles: Time:
Easy Graded FR 211 22.2 6,550-8,800 ft. NA 1-2 hours
County: Jefferson, Park
Adopted by:      
Managed by: Pike/San Isabel National Forest,
South Platte Ranger District
19316 Goddard Ranch Court
Morrison, CO 80465
Summary: Goose Creek is an easy road that runs from the north end of Cheesman Reservoir down to US Hwy 24 near Lake George.
Attractions: Forest access. Lost Creek Wilderness trailheads and the Goose Creek Campground.
Natural - Closed by heavy snows.
Best Time: June - Best
July - Best
August - Best
September - Best
October - Snow possible late
Trail Heads
Hankins Pass Trail - FT630
Goose Creek Trail - FT612
Pilot Peak Trail
Camping: There are a few dispersed sites. Be aware of private property boundaries.
Base Camp: Goose Creek would not be a good area to base camp. There are few other roads in the area.
Fall Colors: Very Poor - The majority of the Goose Creek road crosses lands burned by the Haymen Fire in 2002.
Navigation: From Pine Junction, CO take County Road 126 (Pine Valley Road) exiting south off of US Hwy 285 for 22 miles to Cnty Road 211 (Wigwam Creek Road). Turn right onto the Wigwam Creek Road heading southwest for 2 miles to a right turn onto Forest Road 211 (Matakut Road).

From Sedalia, CO off of US Hwy 85 take County Road 67 southwest for 27.3 miles to County Road 126 (Deckers Road). Turn right onto Deckers Road and go 2.7 miles to County Road 211 (Wigwam Creek Road). Turn left on the Wigwam Creek Road and go 2 miles to a right turn onto Forest Road 211 (Matakut Road).
Head west on Forest Road 211. You will come to an intersection with FR 560 (Stoney Pass Road), stay to the left continuing on FR 211. You will be entering an area burned during the Hayman Fire that happened in June and July of 2002. This is the Goose Creek Road, also known as the Matakut Road.

After 6.3 miles along the Goose Creek Road there will be a left turn to the Lost Creek Ranch, be sure to stay to the right as the left turn dead ends at the Lost Creek Ranch gate.

After 8.9 miles the Goose Creek Campground will be on the left along a short section of Goose Creek. The campground is not large, but it is nestled in a large group of trees, one of the few large stands in the area.

After 10.6 miles FR 558, the Goose Creek Trailhead Road, will be on the right. As you follow Goose Creek Road south it slowly climbs the flank of the Lost Creek Wilderness area. You will have views of the large area to the south that was burned in the Hayman Fire.

The Hayman fire, a forest fire that started 95 miles southwest of Denver and 35 miles northwest of Colorado Springs on June 8, 2002, became the largest of the Colorado wildfires. Hundreds of firefighters fought the fast-moving fire, which caused nearly $40 million in firefighting costs, burned 133 homes, 138,114 acres, and forced the evacuation of 5,340 people. The fire wasn't contained until July 2, 2002 and was finally brought under control on July 18, 2002. The cause of the wildfire was found to be arson. The Hayman fire was named for a ghost town near Tappan Gulch.

After 15.5 miles you will cross into the South Park Ranger District of the Pike/San Isabel National forest. After 20 miles you will pass the Pilot Peak trailhead. After 22.2 miles you will come to County Road 77. Turn left onto County Road 77 and head south to US Hwy 24 and Lake George, CO.
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