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Maps:       These maps do not show the Willow Creek Salvage changes to the upper part of the Mulstay road.
USGS 7.5' Map: Radial Mountain
Difficulty: Number: Miles: Altitude: Obstacles: Time:
Easy 3 FR 258.1 2.75 11,080 ft. None 3-4 hours
County: Grand
Adopted by:      
Managed by: Arapaho / Roosevelt
National Forest
Sulphur Ranger District
9 Ten Mile Drive, P.O. Box 10
Granby, CO 80446
Summary: An easy 4WD road that follows old logging roads along Mulstay Creek. The road terminates just below Parkview Mountain at about timber line.
Attractions: Views of the western flanks of Rocky Mountain National Park.
Natural - Closed by snow in the fall.
The higher altitude sections of the Mulstay Road may not become clear of snow until late June.
Best Time: July - Late part of the month. To allow the snow melt of the drifts that will cross the road in the shaded areas.
August - Best time for warmer temperatures. Afternoon thunderstorms are also very likely.
September - Late summer dry spells, Indian Summer type weather.
Hiking -
Access to Parkview Mountain on the Continental Divide.
Equestrian -

Mountain Bike -
Mulstay Road FR 258
Mulstay Road FR 258
Motorcycle -
Mulstay Road FR 258
Base Camp:
Fall Colors: Poor - The forest surrounding the Mulstay Road is mostly pine.
Snowshoeing -

Cross Country Skiing-

Snowmobile -

Navigation: From Granby, Colorado take Hwy 40 west to Windy Gap Reservoir. Turn right on Colorado 125 and head north toward Willow Creek Pass. About 3.5 miles past the Forest Service Denver Creek Campground you will come to a dirt road leaving the pavement on the west side. It will have a sharp incline at the start. If you reach the Stillwater Pass Road, you have gone too far.
History: The Mulstay Road appears to have been put in to do logging on the flanks of Parkview Mountain.

As you begin the Mulstay Road there will be a cabin foundation on the left side of the 4WD road. The is narrow in the trees as it does a switchback before heading toward Mulstay Creek. You will encounter pot holes or mud holes along this first section. When you reach the meadows along Mulstay Creek you will find a good assortment of wildflowers.

At waypoint #2 a spur goes to the left to a campsite. At waypoint #3 stay to the right. The left road is less used. Waypoint #4 is a moderate hill climb that is rocky. Waypoint #5 stay to the right, left is a two track that is less used. Waypoint #6 spur road to the right, stay to the left. Waypoint #7 stay to the right, left road is used as much as the main road. A carsonite sign designating motorized use on the road to the right. Waypoint #8 stay to the left. Another carsonite sign will indicate the main road. Waypoint #9 stay to the left going up a steep hill. Waypoint #10 locates two flat areas that could be used as campsites. Waypoint #11 is the end of the Mulstay 4WD Road, and the location of a hiking trailhead.

The trees are close along the side of the road and will brush the side of your vehicle. The road has had level 2 maintenance in the form of waterbars to control drainage. The road is narrow, but there are plenty of places to pass oncoming vehicles. The road stays in the taller timber most of the time.

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