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Difficulty: Number: Miles: Altitude: Obstacles: Time:
Easy 2 FR417.1 1.37 10,400 ft. NA 1-2 hours
County: Gilpin
Adopted by:      
Managed by: Roosevelt National Forest
Boulder Ranger District
2140 Yarmouth Ave.
Boulder, CO 80301
Summary: Perigo 4WD road is a series of easy 4WD roads through the old mines near the ghost town site of Perigo.
Attractions: Mining History
Natural, closed by heavy snows
Best Time: June - May still be drifted in on the north side and in the heavy timber early in the month.
July - Best time.
August - Best time.
September - Best time.
October - Watch for early snows.
Trail Heads
Camping: Only the west end of Perigo 4WD road offers flat areas for campsites. Be aware of private property and do not camp at old mine sites, they are also private property.
Base Camp: This would be a good area to base camp. There is a good network of other 4WD roads in the area to explore like Dakota Hill and Pickle Gulch.
Fall Colors: Poor - Most of the area is pine forest.
Navigation: From Black Hawk, Colorado take Highway 119 northwest for 3.4 miles to CR 15-S/Missouri Gulch Road. Turn left onto CR15-S and go 0.8 miles, turn right to stay on CR 15-S. Go 0.7 miles to a left turn off of CR 15-S, this is the start of the Perigo 4WD Road.

From Nederland, Colorado head southwest from the traffic circle on North Bridge Street. Go 0.3 miles and continue on Highway 119/Pine Street. Follow Highway 119 for 5.2 miles to a right turn onto CR 15-N/Gamble Gulch Road. After approximately 3.3 miles look for a right turn, this is the start of the Perigo 4WD Road.
History: Perigo sits in Gamble Gulch, named after A.P. Gambell. Gambell had located placer claims here in the winter of 1859, one of the earliest successful prospectors in Colorado. Like in many mining districts when Gambell went to Denver to get supplies he was followed by a group of men who forced him to tell them where his claim was. The group of men and Gambell formed an independent mining district where the town of Perigo got started.

The largest mine in Gambel Gulch was the Tip Top mine. A camp grew up around the mine and later became the town of Perigo. A 30 stamp mill was constructed to process the ore from the Tip Top mine as well as the other mines above Perigo. The Perigo post office opened in 1895, closed in 1896, and reopened in 1897 remaining open until 1905.

There isn't much left at Perigo except a bare section along the main Gamble Gulch road. The owner of the town lived in California. Boulder County required property taxes on the old buildings. After arguing with the Boulder County officials that the buildings in Perigo could not be occupied and should not be taxed, and the officials not budging, the owner dynamited the town.

Jessen, Kenneth Ghost Towns Colorado Style, Volume 1, 1st ed. Loveland, Colorado: J.V. Publications, 1998. Print.
After leaving the county road Perigo 4WD road, FR 417.1 will climb up the side of Gamble Gulch through a series of switchbacks. This area has a lot of trees so there are few views. There are quite a few short spur roads off of the main road that lead to old prospect holes. After about one mile you will come to the remains of a mine shaft / cabin.
Mine building

photo by:
Adam M

Mine building

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This is an interesting building as it contains a head frame for hoisting the ore out of the mine. There was probably a steam winch mounted near the building with cables that entered and looped through the top of the headframe. To the northwest of the building are the tailings.

Beyond the mine you will climb a steep section before coming to an intersection. This is FR412.1I, the Dakota Hill 4WD road, which continues to a large area on the north side of Dakota Hill that was mined. See the Dakota Hill road description.
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