Saxon Mountain 
USGS 7.5' Map: Georgetown
Difficulty: Number: Miles: Altitude: Obstacles: Time:
Easy 2 FR712, CR712 10 8,600 to 11,420 ft. Ledge Road, Switchbacks 2-3 hour
County: Clear Creek
Adopted by:      
Managed by: Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest,
Clear Creek Ranger District
101 Chicago Creek
Idaho Springs, CO 80452
Summary: Saxon Mountain runs from Georgetown to the top of Saxon Mountain using a series of switchbacks.
Attractions: History, Scenery
Natural - Closed by heavy snows.
Best Time: June - May still be snowed in at top
July - Best
August - Best
September - Best
October - Possible early snows
Trail Heads
Base Camp: This would be a good area to base camp and explore the roads between Georgetown and Idaho Springs.
Fall Colors: Very Good - There are stands of aspen on the flank of Saxon Mountain. From the top you get some good views of color on the surrounding mountains.
Navigation: From Georgetown, CO head east on 15th Street for 233 feet. At the traffic circle, continue straight to stay on 15th Street and go 0.2 miles. Turn left onto Main Street and go 0.4 miles. Continue onto Saxon Mountain Road and go 0.2 miles. Turn right to stay on Saxon Mountain Road.
History: The Saxon Mountain road was put in to construct and service an arial tram that was to be built in the late 1960's. The arial tram was to go from Georgetown to the top of Saxon Mountain. It was never built. Today there are cellular antennas on top of Saxon Mountain instead of the tram station.
From Georgetown the Saxon Mountain road is some what maintained. You will quickly begin what seems to be a never ending series of switchbacks. The road will climb the side of Saxon Mountain quickly, giving you views of Georgetown and the lake in the valley below. Stay on the main road as some of the switchbacks have spurs that head off to old prospects. These spurs can deteriorate very quickly, sometimes requiring you to back out.

You will cross an open area, and then an area with a long erosion channel down the mountain. Once past this you will turn east and head into the forest. The road will do three more switchbacks with a few spur roads along the way. After the third switch back you will head around the north side of Saxon Mountain. The road will be a bit wider through the forest. You will come to an intersection with the Lamartine Road, FR712, which goes to the left, down hill. Stay on the main road to the right.

In a quarter of a mile from the intersection you will climb the last two switchbacks. The road will now head southwest, then west along the souther side of Saxon Mountain. The road will end at the cell towers. Here you will have great views of the Georgetown and I-70 in the valley below.

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