Teller Divide  
USGS 7.5' Map: Jack Creek Ranch, Gould
Difficulty: Number: Miles: Altitude: Obstacles: Time:
Graded FR 740 12.00 8,900 to 9,745 ft. NA 3-4 hours
County: Jackson
Adopted by:      
Managed by: Routt National Forest,
Parks Ranger District
100 N. Main (P.O. Box 158)
Walden, Colorado 80480
Summary: Teller Divide 4WD road takes you past Teller City (ghost town) and over Calamity Pass.
Attractions: Scenic, Mining, Ghost Town
Natural - Closed by heavy snows
Best Time: June - Possible snow drifts
July - Best
August - Best
September - Best
October - Early snows possible
Trail Heads
FT1227 - Motorcycle (part is seasonaly open Jun 15 to Dec 1)
Camping: There are dispersed sites on the north side of Teller Divide as well as on the south side along Jack Creek. On the north side of Teller Divide are the Pines and Aspen Forest Service Campgrounds.
Base Camp: This would be a good are to base camp and explore the roads around Owl Mountain.
Fall Colors: Poor - Mostly pine forest
Navigation: From Walden, CO. head south on Main Street toward Van Horn Ave for 0.2 miles. Turn right onto Colorado Hwy 125 SouthMain Street and continue to follow Colorado Hwy 125 South for 23.8 miles. Turn left onto County Rd 21I and go 0.6 miles. Continue straight onto County Rd 21 for 4.4 miles. Take the left hand turn to start Teller Divide, FR 740.

From Gould, CO. head southeast on Colorado Hwy 14 and turn right onto County Rd 21 and go 0.2 miles. Continue straight onto County Rd 21 for 0.5 miles. You are now on public lands on the Teller Divide, FR 740, road.
History: Teller City started about 1879 due to silver deposits along Jack Creek. A mill was built to sevice the mines and the town laid out on a flat area above Jack Creek. There were hundreds of cabins and a post office named after Senator Henry M. Teller. By 1883 the area was mostly deserted.
From the south end Teller Divide road runs along the edge of Jack Creek. At the first intersection a spur road to the right, FR740.2C, heads into the forest and connects with FR740.2H based on the Forest Service MVUM. The next road to the left goes to private property and a group of houses. Continuing on FR740, the next intersection is a spur road, FR740.2H to the right. The track log continues from here as it comes from FR740.2H. This road is shown in the track logs and heads south to connect with FR750. It travels through thick forests and has three large mud holes that you are required to drive through. This area is known to have moose.

Back at the main FR740, continue along Jack Creek. You will turn north at an open area where there are dispersed camp sites and cross Jack Creek. On the other side is an intersection with FR742 to the left. Continue to the right on FR740. The road continues as a graded road and passes a few more dispersed camp sites. The road will climb into the forest away from Jack Creek and head to the east.
Teller City cabin

photo by:
Adam M

At a large clearing you will come to the Teller City ghost town site. It was cleared of beatle kill trees in 2013. There is a parking area and interpretive trail that takes you past the remaining cabins and foundations which are all that remain of Teller City. The road will continue past Teller City and come to an intersection. To the right is FR758 which goes to Jack Park trail head and the area where the old mining claims area. To the left continues to Teller Divide, or Calamity Pass.
Teller Divide (Calamity Pass)

photo by:
Larry M

After two switchbacks you will come to a wide area where trees have been cleared from the sides of the road. This is Calamity Pass / Teller Divide. From here the road heads down through the forest passing the left turn to spur road FR740.2G and then loops around Lily Lake continuing its descent. As you come out of the trees you will be at a large intersection. To your immediate right will be FR760 that heads up the South Fork of the Michigan River. The next right is FR770 which heads toward Porcupine Creek. The left continues as FR740.

In less than a mile you will come to another intersection. To the right will be FR780 which heads toward the Never Summer Wilderness. Just past this intersection you will come to the intersection to the left for FR791 to Owl Mountain. Forest Road 740 will cross the South Fork of the Michigan River and pass the entrance to the Pines campground. Continuing on FR740 for about a mile you will come to the left turn for FR792, which also heads toward Owl Mountain. Continue on FR740 for just over a mile to come to the Aspen campground. Just past the campground you will enter the residential part of Gould, CO. and then connect with Hwy 14.
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