Northeast Region
Alphabetical listing of Colorado 4WD Roads

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A - Road Attributes Location
Acme Creek Easy Red Feather Lakes
American City   Central City
Antelope Pass Easy Kremmling
Antelope Park **CLOSED** Lyons
Apex Easy, Historic Central City
Aqueduct Easy Winter Park
Arapaho Creek South Fork Easy Kremmling/Walden
Top  B - Road Attributes Location
Balarat Site Moderate, Historic Jamestown
Ball Gulch   Jamestown
Ballard Road Easy, Trailhead Rustic
Baltimore Ridge Easy Rollinsville
Bard Creek Easy, Historic Empire
Barking Dog **CLOSED** Jamestown
Bear Gulch Easy Boulder
Beaver Creek Easy, Camping Hot Sulphur Springs
Beaver Reservoir Easy, Trailhead Peaceful Valley
Big Meadows Easy Hot Sulphur Springs
Big Rock Creek Easy Kremmling
Bill Moore Lake Difficult Empire
Bow Ridge Easy Cowdrey
Bright Trail Easy Allenspark
Buck Gulch   Meeker Park
Bunce School Road Easy Allenspark
Bunce School Cutoff Easy Allenspark
Burnett Gulch **CLOSED** Lyons
Button Rock Loop Easy Lyons
Button Rock Reservoir **CLOSED** Lyons
Top  C - Road Attributes Location
Caribou Moderate, Historic, Scenic Nederland
Carnage Canyon Extreme Jamestown
Castle Gulch Easy, Historic Jamestown
Castle Gulch Ridge Moderate Jamestown
Cherokee Park    
Chimney Rock Easy Kremmling/Walden
Chinns Lake   Idaho Springs
Chipmunk Gulch   Ward
Chicken Park Easy Red Feather Lakes
Columbine Campground   Central City
Columbine Campground spur   Central City
Comforter Mountain   Boulder
Coney Flats Moderate, Scenic Peaceful Valley
Cook Creek Easy Fraser
Corral Peak (Cabin Creek Divide) Easy Parshall
Cottonwood Pass Graded Tabernash / Hot Sulphur Springs
Creedmore Lakes Easy Red Feather Lakes
Crooked Creek Easy, Camping Fraser
Crystal Mountain Moderate, Scenic Masonville
Cumberland Gulch Easy Idaho Springs / Central City
Top  D - Road Attributes Location
Dakota Hill Easy, Historic Rollinsville
Delonde Easy Nederland
Democrat Mountain Moderate, Historic, Scenic Georgetown
Dry St. Vrain Easy, Trailhead Peaceful Valley
Top  E - Road Attributes Location
East Goldenage Difficult Jamestown
Empire Loop Moderate Empire
Top  F - Road Attributes Location
Fairview View Easy, Scenic Jamestown
Farewell Gulch Easy, Camping Boulder / Nederland
Fireman Hill Difficult Jamestown
Flowers Road Easy Fort Collins
Freeman Gulch Easy Idaho Springs / Central City
Top  G - Road Attributes Location
Gillespie Gulch Difficult, Historic Jamestown / Ward
Glacier Lake **CLOSED**  
Golden Age Hill Easy, Scenic, Historic Jamestown
Gordon Gulch Easy, Camping Nederland
Government Creek Easy Cowdrey
Green Ridge Trail Difficult Red Feathers Lake
Gross Reservoir Easy Boulder
Gunsight Pass Easy Kremmling
Top  H - Road Attributes Location
Hamlin Gulch Easy Idaho Springs
Haystack Mountain Easy Walden
Hillside Easy Cowdrey
Hill Gulch **CLOSED**  
Hukill Gulch Moderate, Scenic Idaho Springs
Hull Creek Easy Fraser
Hunter Road Easy Kremmling
Top  I - Road Attributes Location
Inspiration Point Easy, Camping Gold Hill
Ironclads Moderate Allenspark
Top  J - Road Attributes Location
Jenny Creek Road Difficult Rollinsville
Jenny Lind Gulch   Rollinsville
Johnny Park Easy, Scenic Pinewood Springs / Meeker Park
Jones Pass Easy Empire
Jumbo Mountain Easy, Scenic Rollinsville
Top  K - Road Attributes Location
Kawuneeche Road Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Granby
Kelly Flats Difficult Rustic
Kenny Ridge (Cabin Creek Divide) Easy Granby
Kingston Peak Moderate, Historic, Scenic Alice
Knob Easy Gold Hill
Top  L - Road Attributes Location
Lefthand Canyon Main Moderate, Scenic **CLOSED** Jamestown
Lefthand Park Reservoir Easy Peaceful Valley
Leland Creek Easy Fraser
Little James Creek **CLOSED** Jamestown
Little Wolford Mountain Easy Kremmling
Loch Lomond Easy, Lakes Alice
Long Gulch (Barking Dog) **CLOSED** Jamestown
Lost Lake Easy Red Feather Lakes
Lump Gulch   Rollinsville
Top  M - Road Attributes Location
Mad Creek   Empire
Mammoth Gulch Easy Rollinsville
Matchless Easy, Camping Nederland
Meeker Park Campground   Meeker Park
Mendenhall Road Easy Cowdrey
Miners Gulch Difficult Central City
Middle Bald Mountain Moderate Rustic
Middle St. Vrain Moderate, Scenic, Trailhead, Rivers Peaceful Valley
Miller Creek Easy Empire
Miller Rock Moderate Raymond
Miners Gulch Moderate Central City
Missouri Creek    
Moon Gulch Moderate, Historic Rollinsville
Moody Hill Moderate Masonville
Mosquito Creek    
Mother Hill Difficult **CLOSED** Jamestown
Mount Alto Easy Gold Hill
Mount Bross Easy Hot Sulphur Springs
Mount Pisgah   Central City
Muddy Creek Easy, Scenic Parshall
Mulstay Road Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Granby
Top  N - Road Attributes Location
Nebraska Hill **CLOSED** Rollinsville
Nevadaville Easy, Scenic Central City
Ninety Four Moderate Idaho Springs
North Clear Creek Easy Apex
North Sand Hills All, Scenic Walden
North Supply Jeep Trail Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Grand Lake
Nugget Hill Easy, Scenic Jamestown
Nunn Creek Basin Moderate, Scenic Red Feather Lakes
Top  O - Road Attributes Location
Observatory Spurs Easy Nederland
Old Corral Peak Easy Parshall
Old Fall River Road Easy, Scenic Estes Park
Old Roach Easy Cowdrey
Oregon Hill Easy, Mines Apex
Owens Flat **CLOSED** Jamestown
Top  P - Road Attributes Location
Parkview Mountain Easy, Scenic Granby
Pawnee Grasslands Easy Greeley
Peewink Mountain Easy Nederland
Perigo Easy, Historic, Mine Rollinsville
Phoenix Easy, Historic, Mines Rollinsville
Pickle Gulch Moderate, Mining Central City
Pierson Park Easy, Scenic Estes Park
Pinkham Creek (Parks) Easy Cowdrey
Pinkham Creek (Canyon Lakes) Easy Cowdrey
Plumely Canyon **CLOSED**  
Pole Hill Easy Estes Park
Prairie Divide Easy Livermore
Ptarmigan Peak Easy Fraser
Top  R - Road Attributes Location
Rainbow Lakes Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Nederland
Rarus Triangle Easy Central City
Rattlesnake Gulch **CLOSED** Lyons
Red Elephant Hill Moderate Empire
Rock Creek Easy, Trailhead Allenspark
Rocky Point Road Easy Fraser
Rollins Pass East Easy, Historic, Scenic Rollinsville
Rollins Pass West Easy, Historic, Scenic Winter Park
Ruby Gulch Easy, Camping Nederland
Russell Gulch Easy, Historic, Mining Cenral City
Top  S - Road Attributes Location
St. Louis Creek Easy Fraser
St. Mary's Glacier Easy Idaho Springs
Salt Cabin   Rustic
Sand Creek Easy Red Feather Lakes
Sand Creek Pass Easy Red Feather Lakes
Sawmill Gulch Easy Ward
Seven Mile Easy Rustic
Sheridan Hill Easy Idaho Springs
Silver Creek   Apex
Silver Lake **CLOSED** Nederland
Slaughterhouse Gulch **CLOSED** Jamestown
Smith Mesa Easy Hot Sulphur Springs
Spring Gulch Easy Jamestown / Ward
Spruce Mountain Easy Masonville
Stillwater Pass Easy, Scenic Granby
Storm Mountain Easy Drake
Sugarloaf Mountain **CLOSED** Boulder
Switzerland Trail Easy, Historic Nederland / Ward
Top  T - Road Attributes Location
T-33 Crash Site Moderate, History Allenspark
Teller Divide, aka Calamity Pass Graded Gould
Third Park Easy Hot Sulphur Springs
Tipperary Creek **CLOSED** Fraser
Trail Creek Easy Idaho Springs
Tunnel Hill Easy Winter Park
Tuscarora Cutoff Easy Ward
Top  U - Road Attributes Location
Upham Gulch Easy Nederland
Upper Carnage Moderate Boulder
Utah Hill Easy Apex
Top  W - Road Attributes Location
Walker Mountain Difficult Jamestown
Washoe Gulch Moderate Idaho Springs
West White Pine   Rustic
Winiger Gulch   Boulder
Winiger Ridge   Boulder
Wolford Mountain Easy Kremmling
Wolford Mountain Reservoir Easy Kremmling
Wolford Mountain OHV1 Easy Kremmling
Wolford Mountain OHV2 Easy Kremmling
Woodpecker Gulch Easy Idaho Springs
Top  Y - Road Attributes Location
Yankee Hill Easy, Scenic Central City
York Gulch Easy Idaho Springs

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