Southwest Region
Alphabetical listing of Colorado 4WD Roads

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A - Road Attributes Location
Alamosa Canyon Easy, Scenic, Historic Alamosa
Alder Easy South Frok
Alder Creek Easy, Mining, Scenic Villa Grove
Alpine Plateau Easy, Scenic Lake City
Alta Easy, Historic Telluride
American Basin    
Animas Forks Easy, Historic, Scenic Silverton
Arrastra Gulch Easy, Historic, Scenic, Trailhead Silverton
Top  B - Road Attributes Location
Bachelor Loop Graded, Historic, Mines Creede
Bangs Canyon Moderate Grand Junction
Bear Town / Kite Lake Moderate, Scenic, Historic Silverton
Bidell Creek Historic, Mines Del Norte
Black Bear Pass Moderate, Historic, Scenic Telluride / Silverton
Black Ridge Road Easy, Scenic Fruita
Blue Mesa Cutoff Easy, Scenic, Historic Gunnison
Bolam Pass Easy, Historic, Scenic, Trailhead Silverton / Rico
Bristol Head Easy, Scenic Creede
Brown Mountain Easy, Scenic Ouray
Browns Gulch Easy, Scenic Silverton
Buffalo Boy Mine Easy, Historic Silverton
Bullion King Lake Easy, Scenic Silverton
Burns Gulch Moderate, Scenic, Historic Silverton
Top  C - Road Attributes Location
California Gulch Easy, Scenic, Historic Silverton
Canyon Creek Road Easy, Scenic, Historic Ouray
Carson Easy, Scenic, Historic Creede
Cinnamon Pass Easy, Historic, Scenic Lake City / Silverton
Clear Lake Easy, Scenic, Fishing Silverton
Clover Creek   Villa Grove
Cochetopa Pass Easy, Scenic Sargents / Saguache
Como Lake Moderate Ouray
Corkscrew Gulch Easy, Scenic, Historic Ouray / Silverton
Cottonwood Creek Moderate, Scenic Paonia
Cross Creek Easy South Fork
Crystal Lake Easy Creede
Cunningham Gulch Easy, Scenic, Historic Silverton
Top  D - Road Attributes Location
Del Norte Peak Easy, Trailhead South Fork
Denver Pass **Closed** Silverton
Dinosaur Quarry Easy, Scenic, Historic Delta
Divide Road Easy, Scenic Telluride
Dolores River    
Dominguez Road Easy, Scenic Whitewater
Dyers Park Easy South Fork
Top  E - Road Attributes Location
East Willow Creek Easy, Mines Creede
Elwood Pass Easy, Trailhead Pagosa Springs / South Fork
Engineer Pass Easy, Scenic, Historic Ouray / Lake City
English Valley Easy, Scenic Del Norte
Eureka Gulch/td> Easy, Historic Silverton
Top  F - Road Attributes Location
Fall Creek / Lizard Head Loop / Hermosa Creek Easy, Scenic Ophir
Four Mile Road Moderate Saguache
Top  G - Road Attributes Location
Gladstone Easy, Historic Silverton
Governor Basin Easy, Historic, Scenic Ouray
Grayback Mountain Easy, Scenic Del Norte / South Fork
Guston and Ironton Easy, Ghost towns, Mines Silverton / Ouray
Top  H - Road Attributes Location
Hayden Pass Moderate, Scenic Villa Grove / Coaldale
Hermit Lakes Graded Creede
Hermosa Creek / Lizard Head
Loop / Fall Creek
Easy, Scenic Ophir
Hurricane Basin Easy, Historic Lake City
Hurricane Pass Easy, Scenic, Historic Silverton
Top  I - Road Attributes Location
Ice Caves Easy, Historic Silverton
Imogene Pass Moderate, Historic, Scenic Telluride / Ouray
Ironton Easy, Historic Silverton / Ouray
Top  K - Road Attributes Location
Kendall Gulch Easy, Historic, Scenic Silverton
Top  L - Road Attributes Location
La Plata Canyon Easy, Historic, Scenic, Trailhead Durango
Last Dollar Easy, Scenic Telluride
Lime Creek Easy, Scenic Silverton
Little Giant Basin Easy, Historic, Scenic Silverton
Los Pinos / Cebolla Road Easy, Scenic Creede
Top  M - Road Attributes Location
McDonald Creek Canyon Easy, Scenic Fruita
Maggie Gulch Easy, Historic, Scenic Silverton
Marshall Pass Easy Poncha Springs, Sargents
Mason Creek Graded Creede
Middle Mountain Road Easy, Scenic, Historic Durango
Mineral Creek Easy, Scenic, Fishing Silverton
Mineral Point Easy, Historic, Scenic Ouray
Minnie Gulch Easy, Historic, Scenic Silverton
Top  N - Road Attributes Location
Nellie Creek Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Ouray
North Clear Creek Graded Creede
Top  O - Road Attributes Location
Old Lime Creek Road Easy, Scenic, Historic, Trailhead Silverton
Ophir Pass Easy, Scenic, Historic Silverton / Ophir
Owl Creek Pass Easy, Scenic Ridgeway
Top  P - Road Attributes Location
Pagosa Junction Easy, Scenic, Historic Pagosa Springs
Park Creek Easy South Fork
Picayune Gulch Easy, Historic, Scenic Silverton
Placer Gulch Easy, Historic Silverton
Pool Table Easy, Scenic South Fork, Creede
Poughkepsie Gulch Moderate, Scenic Ouray
Prospect Gulch Easy, Historic, Scenic Silverton
Top  R - Road Attributes Location
Rat Creek Easy, Scenic Creede
Rattlesnake Canyon Moderate, Trailhead Grand Junction
Richmond Basin Moderate, Scenic, Historic Ouray
Rose's Cabin   Lake City
Top  S - Road Attributes Location
Saguache Cnty 14PP Graded Doyleville
Sanderson Gulch Easy, Ghost town Del Norte
Santa Maria Easy Creede
Sapinero Mesa Road Easy, Scenic Gunnison
Schrader Creek Easy Del Norte
Scotch Creek Easy, Scenic, Historic Rico
Silver Creek Trailhead Easy, Trailhead Poncha Springs
Silverton Northern RR Grade Easy, Historic Silverton
Stone Quarry Easy to Extreme, Historic Del Norte
Stony Pass Easy, Historic, Scenic, Trailhead Silverton / Creede
Summitville Easy, Ghost Town Del Norte / South Fork
Swansea Gulch Easy, History Silverton
Top  T - Road Attributes Location
Toll Road Gulch Easy, Historic Poncha Springs
Top  U - Road Attributes Location
Uncompahgre Plateau Easy, Scenic Montrose
US Basin Easy, Scenic Silverton
Ute Pass Easy, Scenic Villa Grove / Saguache
Top  W - Road Attributes Location
Wager Gulch (Carson City) Easy, Scenic, Historic Lake City
West Pinos Easy South Fork / Del Norte
Wheeler Geologic Area Moderate, Scenic Creede
Willow Creek Easy Parlin
Willow Creek Easy, Trailhead South Fork
Top  Y - Road Attributes Location
Yankee Boy Basin Easy, Scenic, Historic, Trailhead Ouray
Yvonne Pass Easy, Scenic Silverton / Ouray

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