West Central Region
Alphabetical listing of Colorado 4WD Roads

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Numbered - Road Attributes Location
BLM8380 Easy, Trailhead Eagle
A - Road Attributes Location
Alpine Tunnel Easy, Scenic, Historic Buena Vista, Pitkin
American Flag Easy Tincup and Almont
Aspen Mountain Road Easy, Scenic Aspen
Top  B - Road Attributes Location
Baldwin Lake Easy, Scenic Buena Vista
Battlement Mesa Extreme Parachute
Benson's Cabin Moderate Minturn
Black Sage Pass Easy Wuanita and Pitkin
Boulder Mountain Moderate, Scenic Buena Vista
Browns Lake Trail Easy, Scenic Buena Vista;
Brush Creek Easy, Scenic Eagle
Burnt Mountain Easy Basalt
Top  C - Road Attributes Location
Champion Mine Easy Leadville
Chlober Hill Easy Leadville
Conduit North Easy Leadville
Conduit South Easy Leadville
Cooper Loop Easy Leadville
Cottonwood Creek Moderate, Scenic Paonia
Cottonwood Pass Easy Carbondale / Gypsum
Crooked Creek Pass Easy Eagle / Basalt
Cross Mountain Easy, Scenic Tincup / Almont
Crystal City Easy, Historic, Scenic Marble
Cumberland Pass Easy, Historic, Scenic Tincup / Pitkin
Top  D - Road Attributes Location
Depler Park Easy Pitkin
Difficult Pass Easy Aspen
Doc's Easy Leadville
Dome Lakes Easy, Scenic Sargents
Dry Fork of Minnesota River Easy Paonia
Top  E - Road Attributes Location
East Brush Easy, Trailhead Eagle
East Tennessee Easy, Mine Leadville
Top  F - Road Attributes Location
Fire Box Easy Eagle
Flag Divide Easy, Scenic Crested Butte
Top  G - Road Attributes Location
Granby Access Road Moderate, Lakes Cedaredge
Gunnison Cnty 44 Graded Parlin
Gunsight Pass Easy, Historic, Scenic Crested Butte
Top  H - Road Attributes Location
Hagerman Pass Easy, Historic, Scenic Leadville, Basalt
Hagerman Tunnel Easy, Historic, Scenic Basalt
Hancock Graded, Historic, Scenic Nathrup
Hancock Pass Moderate, Historic, Scenic Nathrup, Pitkin
Hardscrabble Saddle Easy Eagle
Hat Creek Easy Eagle
Holy Cross City Difficult, Historic, Scenic, Trailhead Minturn
Hubbard Cave Easy Glenwood Springs
Top  I - Road Attributes Location
Iron Chest Extreme, Historic Buena Vista
Iron Mike Moderate, Scenic Leadville
Italian Creek Easy Tin Cup / Crested Butte
Top  J - Road Attributes Location
Jenny June Mine Moderate, Historic Leadville
Top  K - Road Attributes Location
Kebler Pass Easy, Trailhead Crested Butte / Paonia
Kenney Creek Reservoir Moderate, Lakes Grand Junction
Kobey Park   Aspen
Top  L - Road Attributes Location
Lake Cnty 10 Easy Leadville
Lands End Easy, Scenic Grand Junction
Lead King Basin Moderate, Scenic, Historic Marble
Lincoln Creek Road Moderate, Scenic, Historic Aspen
Lodgepole Flats Easy Leadville
Lodgepole Flats North Easy Leadville
Lodgepole Flats South Easy Leadville
Long Slough Reservoir Difficult, Lakes Grand Junction
Lost Canyon Easy Granite
Top  M - Road Attributes Location
McAllister Gulch Moderate, Scenic Redcliff
McNasser Gulch Easy Twin Lakes
Marcott Road Easy, Fishing Cedaredge
Marshall Pass Easy, Scenic Pagosa Springs / Gunnison
Middle Cunningham Easy Basalt
Middle Quartz Creek Easy Pitkin
Midnight Mine / Little Annie Easy Aspen
Mill Creek Road Easy, Scenic Vail
Miners Ridge    
Montezuma Basin Moderate Aspen
Mount Antero Moderate, Scenic Buena Vista
Mount Princeton Easy, Scenic Buena Vista
Mount Zion Easy, Scenic Leadville
Top  N - Road Attributes Location
Napoleon Pass Moderate, Scenic, Mine Tincup / Pitkin
No Name Easy Leadville
Nolan Creek Easy, Mine Eagle
Top  O - Road Attributes Location
Ohio Pass Easy, Historic Crested Butte, Gunnison
Old Chalk Creek Easy, Historic Nathrop
Old Fulford Easy, Historic Eagle
Old Monarch Pass Easy, Scenic Pagosa Springs / Sargents
Top  P - Road Attributes Location
Paradise Divide Easy, Scenic, Historic, Trailhead Crested Butte
Pearl Pass Moderate, Scenic Crested Butte, Aspen
Peekaboo Gulch Easy, Scenic Twin Lakes
Pieplant Creek Easy, Scenic, Historic, Trailhead Tincup
Pomeroy Lake (Mary Murphy Mine) Easy, Scenic, Lakes Buena Vista
Poverty Gulch Easy, Historic, Trailhead Crested Butte
Powerline sec5 Easy Whitepine
Powerline-Cunningham Easy Basalt
Ptarmigan Pass Easy, Scenic Vail
Top  R - Road Attributes Location
Red Table / Red Creek Moderate, Scenic Gypsum / Basalt
Reno Divide Moderate, Scenic Crested Butte
Resolution Creek Easy Redcliff/Camp Hale
Resolution Mountain Moderate Redcliff/Camp Hale
Richmond Hill Easy Aspen
Rocky Brook Easy, Trailhead almont, Tincup
Top  S - Road Attributes Location
Sage Draw Easy Leadville
Saint Kevin Easy Leadville
Sawmill Easy Eagle
Sayres Gulch Easy Twin Lakes
Schofield Pass Moderate, Scenic, Historic Marble, Crested Butte
Shavano Easy, Trailhead Poncha Springs
Shrine Pass Easy Redcliff
Slate Road Easy, Historic, Trailhead Crested Butte
Slaughterhouse Gulch Moderate Crow Hill
Slaughterhouse Gulch Easy Tincup
Slide Lake Easy Leadville
Soap Creek Road Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Gunnison
South Fork Lake Creek Easy Twin Lakes
Spring Creek Easy Almont
Top  T - Road Attributes Location
Taylor Canyon Trail Easy, Scenic Almont
Taylor Pass Moderate, Scenic Tincup, Aspen
Thompson Creek Easy Carbondale
Tigiwon Road Easy, Trailhead Minturn
Tincup Gulch Moderate, Scenic, Historic Tincup
Tincup Pass Moderate, Scenic, Historic St. Elmo, Tincup
Tomichi Pass Easy, Scenic Pitkin, Whitepine
Top  U - Road Attributes Location
Union Canyon Moderate, Scenic Tincup
Union Park Easy, Camping, Trailhead Tincup / Almont
Top  W - Road Attributes Location
Washington Gulch Easy,Historic Crested Butte
Waunita Pass Easy, Scenic Pitkin / Doyleville
Wearyman Creek Moderate Redcliff/Camp Hale
West Lake Creek Easy, Trailhead Edwards
West Mountain Easy Ohio City / Pitkin
Williams Pass Difficult St. Elmo / Pitkin
Willow Creek Easy Parlin
Winfield Easy, Scenic, Historic Granite
Wood Gulch Easy, Scenic Doyleville
Woods Lake Easy Basalt
Wurts Ditch Easy Leadville

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