Colorado 4WD Roads to Fall Colors

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A - Road Attributes Location
Argentine Pass Easy, Historic, Scenic Georgetown
Aspen Ridge Easy, Scenic Buena Vista
Top  B - Road Attributes Location
Bald Mountain Easy, Scenic, Historic Buena Vista
Barbour Fork Easy Idaho Springs
Black Sage Pass Easy Sargents
Boreas Pass Easy, Historic, Scenic Breckenridge
Breakneck Pass Easy Fairplay
Browns Pass Easy Fairplay
Burnt Mountain Easy, Trailheads Basalt
Top  C - Road Attributes Location
Camp Bird Road Easy, Scenic, Historic Ouray
Cochetopa Pass Easy, Scenic, Historic Saguache
Crescent and Mackinaw Lakes Moderate, Scenic, Fishing Burns
Crooked Creek Pass Easy Eagle/Basalt
Top  D - Road Attributes Location
Dakan Mountain Easy Monument
Top  E - Road Attributes Location
Top  F - Road Attributes Location
Four Mile Canyon Easy, Historic, Scenic Cripple Creek
Top  G - Road Attributes Location
Georgia Pass Easy, Scenic Breckenridge
Gold Camp Road Easy, Historic, Scenic Colorado Springs
Top  H - Road Attributes Location
Hackett Gulch Moderate Westcreek
Hayden Pass Easy, Scenic Villa Grove, Coaldale
High Trail Gulch Moderate State Bridge
Horseshoe Basin Moderate, Scenic, Historic Montezuma
Top  I - Road Attributes Location
Independance Easy, Historic Aspen
Top  L - Road Attributes Location
La Salle Pass Easy Hartsel / Tarryall
Lamartine Easy, Historic, Scenic Idaho Springs
La Plata Canyon Easy Durango
Top  M - Road Attributes Location
Mayflower Lake Easy, Lakes Breckenridge
Metberry Creek Easy, River Westcreek
Middle Fork of Swan River Easy, Scenic Breckenridge
Mount Herman Road Easy, Scenic, Trailhead Monument
Mount McClellan Easy, Scenic, Historic Georgetown
Top  N - Road Attributes Location
North Fork of Swan River Moderate Breckenridge
North Twin Cone Peak Moderate, Scenic Grant
Top  O - Road Attributes Location
Ohio Pass Graded, Historic, Scenic Crested Butte
Owl Creek Pass Graded, Scenic, Trailhead, Fishing Ridgway
Top  P - Road Attributes Location
Paradise Divide Easy, Scenic Crested Butte
Pearl Pass Moderate, Historic, Scenic Crested Butte, Aspen
Phantom Canyon Easy, Historic, Scenic Canon City / Cripple Creek
Top  R - Road Attributes Location
Rampart Range Easy Deckers
Red Cone Difficult, Scenic Grant
Top  S - Road Attributes Location
Sts. John Easy, Historic Montezuma
Santa Fe Peak Easy, Scenic Montezuma
Saxon Mountain Easy, Scenic, Historic Georgetown
Schofield Pass Moderate, Historic, Scenic Crested Butte, Marble
Sevenmile Easy, Scenic Buena Vista
Shelf Road Graded Cripple Creek
Stoney Pass Easy Deckers
Top  T - Road Attributes Location
Taylor Pass Moderate, Scenic Aspen, Taylor Park
Trail Creek Easy, Historic Idaho Springs
Turret Easy, Historic Salida
Top  U - Road Attributes Location
Ute Creek Easy, Historic Idaho Springs
Ute Pass Easy Saguache
Top  W - Road Attributes Location
Watson Park Loop Moderate Deckers
Webster Pass Moderate, Scenic Montezuma / Grant
Weston Pass Easy, Historic, Trailhead Fairplay / Leadville
Wheeler Lake Difficult, Scenic, Historic, Lakes Alma
Winfield Easy, Scenic, Historic Leadville